Aug 25, 2011

Skinny-Dipping Redhead – inflatable Wet ‘n Wild pleasures

A classic and sexy Wet ‘n Wild bikini photo shoot, with an inflatable twist!

The glamorous wet & wild Skinny Dipping Redhead photo shoot starts up with Bianca wearing a cute little turquoise polka dots bikini.  Then our voluptuous fiery red-haired vixen gently strips to feel the hot breeze of the Caribbeans.

Quoting Bianca from her monthly texts : “I took hostage one of the numerous pools at kinky resort Hedonism II and took an afternoon dip in the cool water”. Well that pool didn’t stand a chance since we all know Lady Beauchamp is packing heavy artillery!  Evidently, the very playful and charming Bianca  also took hostage a giant plastic inflatable Nemo, and decided to ride it in the pool.   Embrace Bianca’s girl-next-door warmth and sensuality to the fullest…

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