Nov 8, 2015

Sheets of Love – Join me in my Fantasy!


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I was heading to Thailand and after a 23hrs flight trip, I finally landed to Bangkok city where I stayed over 3 nights to try to get some rest and kill the jet lag. If I loved the chaos of Bangkok and especially the Red Light District where I did have some kinky sexy fun, it appeared clear to me that the Thailand gems were not to find in the city but in Thailand’s wilderness. So I bought myself a bus ticket and set course to the West side of the country where I booked a cabin for 4 nights at a local wild reserve.

When I got there late afternoon, it was pouring rain. Yet, I could see how magical and beautiful the surrounding was. At night, while I was sipping on a cold local beer on my balcony, I witnessed the most powerful, scary yet beautiful lightning thunder shower of all my life. That night, my insomniac brain slept like a baby. Boy that felt good.

And you know what they say: after a storm comes the calm. Early the next morning, not only the sun but also the heat greeted me. A lovely day was waiting ahead of me and I could not wait to explore the scenery. But while I was having my breakfast on the balcony only dressed up with my casual pink tank top and my Le Jaby brief, I figured I could give you one more sensual and sexy photo shoot. After all, sometimes, the simplest outfit can actually turn out to be the sexiest. And maybe it was due to that good night of sleep but not only I found myself looking all rested and pretty but in such a happy mood! It’s always a perfect combo for flirt and fun. So come on now: join me in my sheets of love and let me take good care of you.


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