Feb 20, 2012

Sexy Ride – Hop On The Wild Side!!


Vintage looking photo-shoot that will keep you warm by these cold month of winter!

If you remember, a while ago, we were presented the photo-shoot “Kinky Rider” from Bianca’s Latex Lair.  Well it is now time for us to see it’s Glamour Lounge counterpart : “Sexy Ride”!  Featuring crazy cute pink lingerie bra and panties with a very very short skirt, these tantalizing photos will make you blush for sure!

Shot in studio, the vintage look given to the photos really fit the purpose perfectly.  It is fair to say that if the roads would be filled with voluptuous babes like our sultry vixen riding their cute little bikes dressed up like that, accident would be sure to happen!  “Dangerous Curves” signs would totally mean something different!

See the complete set here.

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