Jul 27, 2016

Secret Affair Hotel – Up for it?


2016-08-secret-affair-hotel-covers-05 2016-08-secret-affair-hotel-covers-02


Have you ever fantasized of meeting someone, perhaps a total stranger, at a motel and have some kinky wild sex through the night? Or should I rephrase it: have you ever fantasized of meeting me in such a motel and rock my world all night long until the morning shines? Well I do have such type of fantasies where I smile at a stranger on the street and chemistry happens strong enough that he would follow me on the street and I would lead  him to a motel where I would have some depraved kinky raunchy sex, soaking the bed sheets with our sex sweat. That’s right baby: women can also be pretty horny: -p

Well in this photo shoot, it is exactly what I wanted to picture. I rented the room for the night, put on some sultry make-up, curled my pin-up hair and sexily dressed up with my cinnamon lace lingerie dress and black stay-up stockings. I could have modeled  my fantasy in my room, but I wanted to push my naughty scenario a step further and so I chose to model in the dimmed light hallway next to my room just like if I was waiting impatiently for you to meet me.  And while I am waiting, I am also slowly  and elegantly stripping off my lingerie thinking of you. Who cares if someone catch me doing it: there is nothing wrong with some public sexhibition :-p

Flirting with you trough the camera, I’m wishing you will be my secret affair of the night. What do you say? Are you up to the task? Come closer, I wanna kiss you now  <3


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