Jun 19, 2014

Sea of Black Latex – Between the Sheets of Rubber Passion

bianca beauchamp photos

bianca beauchamp photos bianca beauchamp photos

The lovey seductress  Bianca Beauchamp playfully arouses our senses in her sea of black latex this month!  Read in her own words how sensually playful it made her:

bianca beauchamp photos“The reason why I so much enjoy  wearing transparent latex is because I can actually cover up  all my body without necessarily hiding my seductive curves. As you know by now, I am a fan of huge silicone breasts  and I certainly did not get under the knife 4 times to keep my 32FF puppies hidden all the time. Sure sometimes, I feel possessive and wanna keep them all for me, but this time, I felt the need to share my joy with you while being fully rubberized.

I was feeling very sensual and flirtatious that day, desiring  to tease you trough the lens of the camera. That’s why picked my Westward Bound “Bordelle L’amour” girdle, top and matching gloves as I find these garments make me look  erotically elegant.  And because I wanted to be fully covered up with latex, like I was telling you, I chose to wear my Polymorphe front zip amber catsuit under my WB outfit. Covered up from neck to toe  I chose to not wear a hood for this time) with rubber, I put on my new copper & black extreme high heels and dive in my pile of black latex rubber sheets that looks like a sea of black rubber. What a turn on for a girl like me that is totally addicted to latex, its feeling and smell! Such a lascivious lustful time I wanna share with you

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