Jul 7, 2016

Scorching Impulse – The needs of a bombshell!


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After a long stretch in Thailand’s South islands, I chose to get my ass in Thailand’s green wilderness higher up on the West Coast of Thailand. So I took the bus all the way up to the region of Khao Sok National Park where I rented a three house for  a couple of days.  And believe me when I say it truly was a three house! The room was barely big enough to fit the bed but the limited space didn’t really matter to me as it’s the bed and the view that actually mattered to me.

The view over the jungle was simply phenomenal! I could hear various birds singing for me, and I could see monkeys dancing in the threes. I was so deep in the jungle that my cell phone could not pick up the 3G any longer and the next bus to pick me up would only come a couple of days later. I soon realized that I was kind of lost in that jungle.  Happily lost I have to say and that rapidly got me into a sensual mood that is hard to describe in words.

The day was still young with lots of time ahead of me to explore the park so I took some time off to just chill out in my cute three house and enjoy the relaxing ambiance. The bed was surrounded with a romantic white mesh veil. All the wood surrounding me, and the pure ivory white veil made me wanna wear a neutral lingerie such as my white lace bra that sexily push-up my heavy “FF” cup puppies and  I paired it up with a white Brazilian soft cotton panties. With the windows opened  and the breeze softly blowing the veil making it float all around me, my fingertip nails slowly running up and down on my firm belly and my thighs, and the music of the wilderness chanting to my ears, I got sensually aroused in a heartbeat!

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