Dec 1, 2015

Rubberized Slumbertime Stories – Once upon a naughty time!!


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I live in a spacious and comfortable loft not so far downtown Montreal city, yet when I  feel like having kinky raunchy sex, I sometimes like to change the scenery and rent a room at one of those “siesta” motels where everyone is doing anything but sleep. Mea Culpa! I like the cheesy design, the heart shaped hot tub, the stiff mattress… it all reminds me of my debut as an erotic model traveling the world on a very tight budget. Inevitably at some point, I would end up in one of those cheap motel and yet, I would have a hell of a good time having sex all night long with my love and even sometimes with a catch of the night (mostly sexy ladies met at clubs).

That day, the sun wasn’t even near close to fall in the horizon and  yet I was ready to start my sexy night. For having seen photos on the motel’s web site of the available rooms to  rent,  I knew right away that which one to pick. For this little sex escapade, I wanted the one painted in red & black. But what to wear? After all, dressing up for sex is such a turn on of mine and once over there, I would not have access any longer to  my collection of clothing.

That day, I didn’t feel like wearing  lingerie. I was in a much naughtier mood and only latex is suitable when I feel this much sexually aroused. And because I was in a raunchy mood, I fantasized about more latex coverage so  I picked up my ultra thin front zip latex catsuit, my master piece pair of  thigh high red & black rubber boots, my interchangeable front panel rubber corset, short latex gloves and last but not least, my red latex king sized bed sheets. That’s right! I even brought my sheets with me. Dressing up and dressing up the room is part of the kink.

So off I went to the motel, dressed up the bed with the sheets, then  lubed my skin with silicone juice and dressed up myself and just before indulging on my rubber sex craving, I stroked the pose for you. This way, neither you or I will forget this sexy memorable heavy rubber time. Wanna see why?! :-P


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