Jul 21, 2016

Rubber Shock Treatment pt.2 – Wet fun with a friend


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Are you ready for some more sexy rubber shock treatment my love? I have no doubts that after you viewed part 1 of this photo shoot, the sexy Mistress Sandra and my lovely self got you allllllll fired up baby! And guess what? We are both back to tease you up some more. But rest reassured as we are both two certified kinky nurses in the world of the pervs and we will take good care of you :-p

For this second and last part of this insanely hot photo shoot, my friend Sandra and I are still flirting with each other. Do you know how sweet her red lips taste like?? Like a cherry lollipop you wanna suck on all day long and never let go of.  And her rubber gloved hands slowly running up and down my breasts, belly and thighs just feels like heaven.

And of course, Mistress Sandra can be very dominant when she wishes to. After all, she is a Mistress. After all the soft pleasures she gave me, I was in for a totally different treat. This time, I got pulled, slapped a little, spanked a lot, and my nipples got pinched in a way that every single time, I thought I would pass out of pleasures. And when it got really steamy hot in that shower and that I was starting to have a fever myself, Mistress Sandra started running the water hose and splashed me with fresh water making my rubberized body shivers with passion.

A delightful ending of our rubber shock treatment that will make you wanna see more of the two of us. Guess where I will be heading to in summer 2016?… :-)


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