Nov 14, 2015

Rubber Shock Treatment – A Mind Blowing Duo


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If you have been following me on my various social networks, you already know by now that I have spent all month of August 2015 traveling Europe. During my exciting 25 days Euro Trip, I have traveled 5 countries such as Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. By planes, trains and automobiles, it almost looks impossible to me that I have seen so much in such little time, especially considering that I have performed two dozen photo shoots during my over sea stay. A very exhausting trip yet filled with so many great adventures and new friendships.


And talking about new friendships, my very first stop was the city of Vienna in Austria where I was meeting with Harald Wilfer and latex & BDSM legend Mistress Sandra, owners of HW Design, a latex clothing company I have been doing business with for quite many years now. I’m particularly fond of their heart shape latex hoods and of their ultra thin latex catsuits. In the past, I had met Harald twice at the Fetish Evolution event in Germany, and Mistress Sandra at a few events as well. One year, I even walked for HW Design fashion show, yet, I never really had the chance to sit down and have a good talk with them. But this time I certainly did and I sure fell in love with their creative and generous souls. Harald, the wonderful gentleman, and Sandra the delicious lady vamp! Oh my! At first sight, I instantly felt under her spell. Slim tall with lovely curves, with deep green eyes that wanna suck your soul right out, and gorgeous red plump lips I couldn’t help myself from staring a… Sandra has the look that kills, and tames even the strongest of us girls!


I spent almost 14 days in Austria getting to know my new friends, shopping at their shop and visiting the city.


For one of my many photoshoots done in HW Design latex that week, Harald dressed us both with naughty slutty nurses latex outfits. While Sandra was dressed up with a red latex catsuit, a garter belt corset and a nurse hood, I chose to go with a mint catsuit and red corset, stockings and matching nurse hood. And for the VERY first time in my modeling career, I also wore rubber pussy pants! And I got to tell you that every time I was looking at myself in the mirror, not only seeing me dressed up as a kinky nurse turned me on, but those big rubber fake fat pussy lips made me feel insanely hot. Do you like that look? I’m curious to know so write down your comments in the comments box or on the forum! :-)


Together fooling around in the white shower of Vienna’s elite dungeon Grosse Werkstatt Playroom held by Mistress Barbara, both Sandra and I were flirting with each other, kissing and sucking on latex. A steamy hot shower that will give you feverrrrrr!


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