Oct 4, 2016

The Rubber Closet Exposed pt.3 – The more the kinkier


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Have you enjoyed the visit of my naughty latex closet? I bet you weren’t expecting I had so many pair of high heel shoes and sexy latex outfits! Thinking I have shown you only half of the room, imagine what my entire collection looks like! And thanks to part 1 & 2 of this photo shoot, you have now witnessed the fun that a latex fashionnista girl like me can live while spending some quality time in her kinky walk-in closet,  dressing  myself with my boobalicious & buttalicious  latex purple laced dress.

But fear not my friend as the fun isn’t quite over yet. You see, while I was in there wearing my signature dress, covering  my rubberized body with  silicone spray so my gloved hands could sensually run up and down my curves, I got not only turned on by my caresses but also by the sights of so many latex and the sweet smell of it. I swear to you, some type of rubber smell like cake!  I don’t know what component  in some specific latex outfits create that smell but I can assure you that it arouses me a lot! So at some point, I laid down on my floor covered up with my latex duvet, catsuits, dresses and shoes and let my fingers reaches down my belly giving me chills of pleasure. And just like that while I was laying on my back, my eyes half way closed with delightful satisfaction, I saw my black rubber gasmask…

This is always one of the biggest pros for me to do a photo shoot at home: I have access to ALL my latex collection and so, I can give in to any of my unplanned temptations. This is when the fun kicks in! When all of the sudden I feel an urge to wear another piece of latex and let the fun keep going. At that specific moment that I was laying on my back while already having a blissful moment, I had an impulse of transforming myself into a kinky heavy rubber doll. So I took down my gasmask, put it on and carefully let out my long hair to make the overall look a little softer. Have you noticed that my hair color is different? With its now 3 different tones of red, it looks more fiery than ever!

Wearing a gasmask makes it tougher for me to breathe properly, and it is always an experience that  gets me hot, both sexually and physically. So hot in fact that at some point, I started stripping off my latex so I could release my boobies from their latex cell and have full access to play with them as much as I needed to get me off. Left up only dressed up with my rubber boots and my gasmask, my fiery red hair down my back, I am ending this set with sultriness  that I am sure will leave you still wanting more from my naughty walk-in closet! You’ll tell me!


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