Jul 1, 2015

Rubber Bond Girl – Dangerously sexy


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Here’s a question for you: Are you a James Bond fan? Because if you are, this photo shoot will simply blow your mind away as it was located on the same beach where they filmed  “The man with the golden gun” , featuring Roger Moore, my favorite James Bond!

This tiny island named “The James Bond Island” after the movie,  was a 2 hour drive from where I was staying at in Thailand, but  I figured that it certainly was worth the time to drive back and forth. I thought to myself, when again in my life would I get the chance to model on such an iconic beach?

But iconic is synonym with popular, and that means A LOT of tourists! Every day from 9AM to 4PM, the island is invaded by hundreds of tourists being dropped by the dozen from Tour Guides, making  it absolutely impossible for anyone to shoot there during that time table, let a lone do a shoot that contains nudity! So I rented the services of a private long tail boat captain and hopped on the island a little after the last boat filled with tourists had left.

But if no tourists were left on the island, I underestimated the fact that locals where still remaining on the premises to close their souvenir shops and play soccer on the beach. The way I saw it, I only had two options:
1) give up my photo shoot and return to the main land
2) cross my fingers that I would not insult the locals and shoot anyway.
Public nudity is a serious offense in Thailand so the risk was high. But then again, when would I get such a chance like this ever again in my life, right?

So I took the chance and risked it! By the time I got dressed up with my coquette black with pink frills mini latex dress, the sun was already pretty low in the horizon, hiding itself under some of the other islands, leaving me with roughly 20 minutes of light to do my photo shoot.  When the two dozen of locals, mostly composed of men in their early 20’s, saw me walk in the sea dressed up with my cute rubber little outfit, they stopped playing soccer right away and came closer to stared at me.  I got shy for maybe a minute or two but then, I just let it go, performed my magic and gave them one of the best show of their lives. By their loud exclamations when I started stripping off of my dress and flaunting my massive boobs while splashing around in the water, I could tell my ass would not end up in jail after all. The exotic scenery surrounding me and the adrenaline rush of getting naked in front of the crowd gave me such a proud pleasure of being a model, an exhibitionist model with guts and a latex James Bond Girl for the day!

For all those reasons, I am extremely proud to present to you my RUBBER BOND GIRL  photoshoot.  You can be SURE that no other fetish model has done something like this in the past.  I hope you enjoy it!

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