Aug 7, 2011

Ripped & Ready – Bianca’s gym training pays off!

This photo set is all about total physical sexiness: FIT & SEXY with Bouncing Curves and Rock-Hard ABS!

Recently, Bianca posted a triptych preview of this photo-shoot on her Facebook fan page and we wrote a little follow-up here on BBAA.  The moment has finally come for us to see this remarkable session.  Dressed up with a neat sports black support top, ankle boots with 8″ heels, and a sexy pair of Daisy Duke jeans shorts, this girl next door is surely ripped & ready for the action.

Shot on a neutral gray background with a dramatic high contrasted lighting, this photo-shoot will pump you up.  After all there is a reason why the preview of this magnificent session got shared and re-tweeted more than a 1000 times!  Now the full glam shoot is sure to secure a place of choice in all our pervy hearts!

Enjoy these instant classic photos now on Bianca’s Glamour Lounge website!



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