Feb 26, 2011

Purity Gone Wild, Sexy Heavy Rubber Photos!

What is sexier than luscious shiny latex on the toned body of our favorite sultry vixen?

Well of course the answer is : LAYERS of LATEX!  In this heavy rubber photo shoot, the focus is on Bianca’s fantastic curves and sexiness.  Bianca is wearing multiple layers of rubber in a bubbly pink environment.  The dramatic lighting enhances her shiny curves, and the black & clear latex hood she is wearing only adds up to this real-life rubberdoll fantasy.  After a while of touchy feely fun, we can tell she is in dire need for more.

With her sexy hood, Miss Beauchamp becomes a ravishing sex doll with only one goal, to be played with!  All in all, a great heavy rubber photo shoot with a cute little touch that will please the hardcore latex fans as much as the softer ones.

Enjoy this beautiful mix of latex and sensuality! View these latex photos now!

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