Jan 11, 2012

Pony Girl Diaries Part 3 – Multiple Layers of Latex Orgasm

The final chapter of an incredibly wild and kinky latex adventure!

 Part 1 and Part 2 of this erotic latex photo story had Bianca Beauchamp as our 9 to 5 sexy corporate business woman, enter a mysterious barn where she stripped off her work clothes to reveal a clear latex catsuit underneath.  She proceeded to add on a second catsuit, black this time, on top of the clear one.  The final transformation is near.  In Part 3 of this titillating story,  it is now time for our sultry vixen to bring out the big guns!  Gearing herself up with an outstanding 20″ ultra tight corset, black short gloves, pvc pony boots and rubber hood.  The photo shoot eventually unveils the ever so amazing Polymorphe Pony Rubber Head!

Our transformed creature, now in latex from head to toe, has shed off the remainings of her previous self, the charming business woman dealing with the way of the world and all its restrictions.  She is now the Pony Girl and she invites you to live with her a free, erotic, kinky and wild adventure…

Enjoy these fantastic fetish photos now and let the steam go!


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