Oct 19, 2011

Pony Girl Diaries Part 2 – Letting it all out!

What is better than a latex catsuit? … Two latex catsuits!

In this second part of the Pony Girl Diaries,  we continue where part 1 left off.  After revealing the kinky thin pink catsuit under her work clothes and decompressing in the warmth of the barn, our favorite seductress finds THE MYSTERIOUS suitcase.  Driven by curiosity, she has to peek inside!  She’s about to get what she’s craved all this time: more kinky accessories! Starting by putting on a lascivious black latex catsuit on top of the pink catsuit, with black rubber socks to fit those perfect sensual tiny feet!

Dressed under all these layers of sweet & sexy latex, and filled with naughty playfulness, Miss Beauchamp starts flirting around with a horse bit for a while, increasing the level of sexual desire in every inch of her voluptuous body.

Join the kink and view these sublime photos now!
latex: Polymorphe




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