Apr 10, 2012

Poison Ivy – Villains Are Badass And Baddass is HOT!!!

Attitude is always a turn-on and Bianca sure has her fair share of it! Best part … She likes to share her bad naughty side!

Super heroes cosplay are always a total success when it comes to their rendition by our famous busty beauty Bianca Beauchamp.  Her accentuated curves are obviously an appealing way to induce those famous heroes and villain with all that sexy naughtiness brewing inside this luscious redhead!

In this photo session, the outfit made by the very talented Laura from Vex Clothing, the pinup twist to the outfit is utterly refreshing and totally unique!  Each latex leaves are handmade and foldable to had more volume giving the overall of the photo shoot a well deserved 10/10!  Mysterious, naughty, sensual with a touch of dangerous charm, get ready to be hypnotized by those remarkable green eyes!

See the complete set here.

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