Jul 28, 2012

Pleasure Chalet – Naked Escapade to the Country Side!


What started as a city getaway ended up in a steamy hot lingerie photo-shoot … Naughty times!

From time to time, going out of the city to resource ourselves, even for a weekend, is good for the soul and Miss Beauchamp is not any different, except she always packs in a couple of lingerie pieces into her suitcases for the hot nights and the unscheduled photo-shoot.

This time, our lovely diva decided to strip down from a very charming and sensual black and red lace Brazilian panties and its matching top, some really sexy high heels shows and the ultimate sexiness of a sultry black fishnet! If every cabin in the woods had a temptress like our voluptuous Miss Beauchamp, nobody would live in the city!

See the complete set here.

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