Feb 25, 2014

Pleasure Cascade – Nature’s Call!

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Our lascivious Diva Bianca Beauchamp and her erotic curves are simply divine in this exotic environment! Here’s our sexy redhead thoughts on how she got to pose for us around this insanely beautyful cascade :

“After I got the chance to swim in a breathtaking 70 meters waterfall in Costa Rica,  I have imagined myself sexily modeling in one. Waterfalls are not always easy to find where I live, especially big ones. The opportunity came when I was visiting green gem New Zealand.

Hidden in a deep forest after a 30 minute walk, the waterfall was standing there proud and strong.  I can’t remember how tall it was, but I will always remember how cold the water was especially dressed up with only my itsy bitsy copper latex bikini!  But strangely, it was less cold once I was totally naked, playing the nymph in the water and moist plants!

Who knows when will be the next time I’ll be stripping down in an exotic waterfall? This set is truly a onetime experience you don’t wanna miss!

See the complete set here.

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Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

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