Dec 12, 2013

Christmas’ Pink Rubber Extravaganza – Fluffy & Rubberized Photos!

Christmas, the time for gifts, and Miss Beauchamp sure didn’t forget her pervy fans!

For three years now our favorite vixen has released a sexy Christmas photoshoot for the Holidays! (See:  Bianca’s White Christmas and Bianca’s Black Christmas)  It is fair to say that is seems to have become a new tradition for our festive beauty and we can only be grateful for it.  Without further ado, it is time to present to you the latest installment of the Latex Lair Holidays photoshoot : The “Pink XMAS Extravaganza”!

After finding those luscious faux-fur pink sheets, our shiny diva knew there was gonna be a pink theme this year (2011).  To match this eye candy setup, Bianca needed a sexy & girly outfit and she turned to the creative mind of designer favorite Westward Bound!

Enters this fantastic semi-transparent garter belt mini dress; a little see-through has never hurt anyone right? To add even more teasing potential to this already tantalizing outfit we can notice the long front zip, and that my naughty friends, is the sign of dangerous curves incoming our way!

Get in the Festive Mood today!



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