Jan 24, 2011

Pink Light District, give your desires a chance!

Who is in the mood for a little eye candy to kick start 2011 in beauty?  Well beauty is the key here and Bianca sure knows how to wear the word.

Wearing only black latex tights, pink fishnets, black buckled latex gloves and 8″ high heels, that’s right, you didn’t read anything about a piece of clothing covering any upper part other than the arms leaving miss Beauchamp firm belly and gigantic boobies at the mercy of every pervy eyes who crosses her path.

The mix of skin and latex in this photo set is fantastic, lustful as always but kept in a simplicity and natural that is jaw-breaking.  The pink shiny padded walls and mattress combined with the neon like lighting’s add a lot of warmth  and sensuality to these shots.

It is fair to say that this shoot as the potential to become an instant classic of the Latexlair fans.  Enjoy this piece of art with all your lust!

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