Sep 4, 2010

PHOTOS: September’s Shiny Lusts with Bianca

This September, go back to school & back to work full of naughty and kinky desires, with boobalicious Bianca  Beauchamp on and!  The following is the text and photos Bianca sent through her monthly newsletter:

“Hi everybody!

For a lot of people, September means return to work. But no worries, when you’ll come back home, the sexy fun time is still here to greet you, both at my latex and glam sites!!!


SHINY LUST – 112 pics
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Is there a better mix ever than black & red latex? I doubt it!! As all latex lovers, I am no different and black and red colors feature amongst my favorite colors for latex. And recently, I’ve purchased the new hot H&W black corset with interchangeable front panels. As you can see, held by two cute vertical zippers, the front corset can be switched with as many colored panels as H&W offers. Possibilities are humongous!! For this first time though, I’ve kept it simple yet effective with a red & black trim panel. Once tightened up, it gives me a 21” itsy bitsy waist! I like it when it feels tight! I paired my new fav corset with a long sleeved Torture Garden black & red top, a red buckles mini skirt, my H&W ultra thin black latex tights, my trusty Polymorphe red leg sleeves and some spiky high heels! Photographed in an all red shiny environment, this lustful set will certainly satisfy the latex naughtiness in you!

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I recently discovered green latex and it really suits my fiery red hair! I asked myself why not experiment a bit more with this color. So I went for a Polymorphe see-through green long sleeved emerald green dress that is so tight it feels my boobs are just gonna ripp the material! I like the see-trough colors because it feels like being dressed up butt naked at the same time. I mean, why would I keep my perfect 32FF breasts just for myself? That would be too selfish wouldn’t? With clear colors, I can not only live my latex fetish, but be a pervy show off as well. I love it! And once paired up with my amber stockings and my short gloves, I could really tell green color is my new good friend. What do you think? Shall I get some more? ;-) See for yourself!

CRIMSON – 89 pics
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As you most probably know already, producer of the web series Heroes of The North approached me to be part of their cast as Crimson the deadly latex assassin. If you have read my posts on FB or my forum about this web series about Canadian Superheroes and villains, you know already that Crimson is a mean version of the Little Red Riding Hood and her sidekick is a real wolf. She certainly stands out from the heroes and the other villains who basically dress up in black (well, most of them anyway). She fights with knives, guns and her trademark crossbow. And she can also kick ass with her super high kicks! If you have read my blog on my page on, you have seen a free video of me and some of the cast interviewed at the Montreal anime event Otakuthon where I was there dressed up as Crimson. Well this month at last, Crimson dresses up with her red Polymorphe catsuit, a black cape, sexy holster and high heels boots, and models for you on The Lair! Wanna meet Crimson up close and personal??

VIDEO: Crimson Uncut
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Lucky you, a 5 minutes UNCUT video of the Polymorphe add with Crimson dressing up and getting all geared up for her crimes will be available to my faithful members. Sexy catsuit, huge boobies, killer gun and naughty smirks all features in the video! Wanna meet Crimson up close and personal?? All you need to do is go here.


BOOB GALORE – 96 pics
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Sometimes, the best photo shoots are shot in front of my white background and I think this is certainly a sexy and sensual set! Only dressed up with a g-string, I could strike some poses and show all the good workouts I had at the gym. Check out the abs baby! Yummy. But of course, my abs are nothing to compare to my wonderful humongous breasts! What can I say: I love big boobies! And yes, the g-strings are made of latex. Some cross over will not hurt. After all, I sometime top my latex outfits with lingerie on my Latex Lair site. So why not introducing my glam lovers to some simple yet very sexy latex? I’m sure you`ll love it!

EDIBLE BB – 126 pics
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Ahhhh the Polymorphe pink latex bikini! Do you know how many people asked me if I would sell it?? What a hit! And lucky you my glam fans, now is your turn to enjoy it. And you are in for such a treat! Covered up with oil & sweat strawberry sundae syrup, I kept licking myself during the photo shoot. It tasted so good!! And the mix of oil and syrup created tiny little red drops everywhere on my succulent breasts, my inner thighs, my sexy bum. A photo shoot that will make you both horny and salivating! I think you should see for yourelf!

So what do you say? Don’t stand there alone and join my fun!! You’ll see, the party is always on here!

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