Oct 15, 2010

PHOTO Spotlight on Sunshine Sweets: hot hot hot!

Put on your lotion and sunglasses and get ready for your first digital tan!

Bianca may have started her journey to the latex world through gowns and dresses, but, as we witnessed through the years, she developed a particular interest for the infamous catsuits.  And we thank her for that!

Another grand premiere for the LatexLair this october: our beloved nymph is featuring her new metallic blue catsuit.  Classic front zip catuit from Polymorphe, she is able to flash her round and full 32FF boobies for our greatest pleasure.  F’s might be bad in school, but they sure look good on Bianca!

Add to this voluptuous latexed body a bright yellow ball and background plus a pair of seven inches platform high heels and you get yourselves some Sunshine Sweets!  This bright and playful photoset will warm your day and leave you with a smile.  It sure did for us!

Feel the heat already? View these latex photos now!

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