Nov 5, 2010

PHOTOS: See-Through Rubber, clear & simple!!

Keyword here … SEE-THROUGH!  Who says being dressed up is not ultra sexy?

Ladies and gentlemen, over the years, Bianca modeled a lot of see-through outfits (clear blue, green, purple, red and more), but according to her monthly newsletter, the one she prefers best is the natural amber ones.  So with that in mind, our fiery temptress assembled for us a ravaging outfit composed of multiple layers of latex.

Composed of a short-sleeves button top, an itsy bitsy mini pencil skirt (in other word … nearly absent!), some arm & legs sleeves, a rubber amber belt and to close the deal, some marvelous 8″ platform ankle clear boots, this all clear latex is waiting for you on Bianca’s LatexLair!

Foggy mind begone! For Bianca knows how to clear things up! View these latex photos now!

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