Nov 27, 2010

Rainy Date, Sexy Girl! Photos Inside.

If all weather girl looked like Bianca, tv would enter a new era!

Raincoat fetishist, your time has come!  According to Bianca’s Mailing List this month, she hid this nice yellow raincoat from you for the past 5 years but now is your reward!  A burning hot photo set with a yellow PVC, short to the ass magical raincoat!  Couple that charming coat with a custom made Polymorphe latex bikini to fit our luscious Vixen’s breasts, and introduce a see-through pink PVC umbrella and you got yourself a smashing hot visual outfit.

The funny thing about this photo set is the irony in which it is shot in a sunny studio background where everything seems magical. Rain, give us some rain you’ll say but rain won’t come! Of course there’s no rain silly boy, so Bianca is destined to heat up under the spotlight.  Who says heat, says stripping!

Every Action has a Reaction. Maybe Newton was thinking of Bianca when he thought of that!  View these glam photos now!

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