Oct 28, 2010

PHOTO Spotlight: Blazing Perversions is crazy sensual!

Bianca goes nuts with blazing perversionsWho wants to constrain her?

It’s October, the month of Halloween, favorite holiday of Bianca.  We know how she likes to dress up, personify heroes and villains. This time she trades up her cape and superpowers for a rubber straight jacket and a red latex catsuit  then goes cuckoo for our lusting pleasure.  Surrounded in a shiny red clinic style room, you’ll wish to be the psychiatrist in charge of this sensual patient and to be the one to exorcise her blazing perversions!

Highly erotic and constrictive, this photo set is fulminating with the crazy perversions of a loony busty beauty, who is kind enough to put on some thigh high rubber boots and her latex apparel and invite us to the fun!

Set your mind ablaze with these pictures here!

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