Nov 19, 2016

The Naughty Secretary – Wanna take an appointment?


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Wanna hear a funny story that happened to me the day of this photo shoot? I was in Japan for 2 weeks mostly visiting Tokyo and Osaka where I wanted to rent Love Hotel’s bedrooms that I had read on the Internet would provide me with awesome sets for kinky sex and photo shoots. Unfortunately for me, I did not read that these hotels are mostly reserved for Japenese citizens and closed to foreigners. From one hotel to another, I got my sexy French-Canadian ass denied access to their establishment. But sometimes I luck stroke, and one door would open and welcome me at last.

This hotel now was one of them. After hunting all morning for hotels that would say yes to this girl, at last, I pushed the door and discovered an elegant and spacious bedroom for me to enjoy! It did not take me long to hit a nice warm shower to help me recover my energy and happy mood, and then slide in some fine latex clothing as I intended to get this party started!

For this shoot, I chose to wear my raspberry & black latex business jacket with a matching pencil latex skirt, some short black latex gloves, black latex stockings and pumps. And for the final touch, I wore my geek style glasses that I now have to wear when I read. What do you think? Glasses on me are hot or not? I’m curious to know what are your thoughts on that matters.  Comment below!

Once all dressed up and looking at my reflection in the mirror, I totally loved this high class latex style. With those glasses, my hair up in a bun and my business fashion look, I totally looked like a secretary gone wild! Because there are no doubts about it: I am a naughty girl at heart my friend! And while I was laying on the bed caressing my latexed body with my rubberized hands, I got so turned on and hot that I slowly and softly started unbuttoning my jacket to release my massive puppies and play with my hard nipples. Sweat was dripping along my belly, on my thighs too. What a bliss! A steamy hot set that will make you fall madly in lust for the kinky latex secretary that I can be!


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