Nov 8, 2013

Motel LatexPloitation – Sexy Sleazy Roomy!

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

The raunchy redhead Bianca Beauchamp introduces us to her last trip sleep over in that ended in this photo session with a sexploitation vibe… Read how it all happened :

“It’s sometimes funny how a room may not seem much at first look and yet become raunchy-sexy when properly lit. This is exactly what happened to me once when I was on the road and had to sleep over at a motel that could have passed almost for The Bates motel.

It was kind of creepy a little but I had no choice than staying there as I was too tired to get back behind the wheel and this was the only motel around.  Thank God, unlike the movie Psycho, nobody sneaked in my room that night to stab me  with a butcher knife!

To the contrary, I slept like a baby trough the night and woke up all refreshed early morning. Something fascinating happened then: the room got bathe with a beautiful and warm light coming from the sun trough the windows  and  all of sudden the creepy bedroom transformed into a sexy retro-style bedroom with a “Russ Meyer” sexplotation vibe.

I still had a few hours left before check out, just enough time to put on my transparent & black Westward Bound rubber dress, my  transparent latex tights and high heels and let myself fantasizes on scenarios of men forcing my door and abusing the latex doll that I am.

Wanna join my sexploitation fantasy?”

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Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

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