Nov 19, 2014

Midnight Call Girl – Sexy is one call away!


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Lately,  I have been fantasizing that for one night only I could experience the thrill of being a call girl. Oh! I wouldn’t do it for real but that’s what fantasies are for me: inventing risky stories in my twisted naughty mind that will turn me on, without any bad real-life repercussions.

This fantasy reached such a wild level in my head that I chose to do a photo shoot inspired about it. One night, I packed a few lingerie and drove to a low key motel where I knew I would get the raunchy-sex ambiance I was looking for. Once in my bedroom, I undressed from my jeans and picked to wear a simple yet so damn sexy red fishnet mini dress.  Paired with black stay-up stockings and my red pumps, I looked in the mirror satisfied with my hot look. The dress was revealing absolutely everything of my sexy assets and many times, the straps didn’t want to  hold in place, slipping on my arm and exposing my huge boobies.

To spice it all up, I modeled my see-through naughty outfit in the stairs where I could  have been caught by guests.  The fear to come face to face with the manager and get my ass kicked out of the motel only added more excitement to my experience.  While I was sitting in the stairs with my heart racing in my chest, I started caressing my boobs with my hands and thought of my imaginative client I was suppose to meet in one of the bedrooms, turning me even more on…

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