Jan 27, 2011

Masked Temptress PHOTOS, heavy rubber catsuit fantasies!

Raw hooded pleasure wrapped in a tight enclosing front zipped catsuit! Heavy rubber fun for heavy perversions!

The start of 2011 couldn’t go without a photo-set of a catsuit, the eternal classic of the kinky world of latex!  Masked Temptress is all about rubber!  Covered from head to toe in a Polymorphe black front zip catsuit, a black hood with a blond pony tail to spice the perversions a little more, our kinky mistress will reveal her busty secret all in good time.

Shot in front of a faux-fur white background, it completes pretty well the hardness of the hood by adding a soft side to the photo-set.  A good amalgam of texture, color and a feel of battle against rough and soft where we learn that when we mix both of them in good proportions, we get ourselves something nothing less than incredible.

The hood used in this photo-set was recently sold as a memorabilia so it is fair to say that this is your last chance to spy on her wearing it.  Don’t be shy, she thrives on it!

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