Apr 7, 2012

MAIDEN HEAVEN – Sexiness Feast Overdose for the eyes!

Classic little fishnet dress on our beloved classy redhead mermaid … Get ready to be reeled in!

At the start, before she knew latex, our favorite latex queen used to lure her sexy mates with the use of lingerie.  Back then, she worked at a local sex shop specialized in lingerie and had access to every fishnet styles possible.

When our sultry mistress opened her Glamour Lounge, she reconnected with her love for lingerie and been modeling it ever since for our greatest pleasure!  Wearing this simple yet enticing as hell fishnet mini dress with some very naughty 8″ platform high heels, this striptease session will leave you with nothing else than a need for a cold shower and lots of very wild dreams.  ENJOY!

See the complete set here.

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