May 26, 2011

MAID to TEASE … Bianca gets the job done!

Miss Beauchamp knows how to flirt with the camera,  and as always, she gets the job done!

Bianca, being a renowned figure of the world of latex, is often approached by designers to promote their collection, resulting in the discovery of new style and colors.  Introducing the seductive design of Lady-S Latex, this gold and smokey black top with puffy sleeves with matching gold mini skirt will make you boil with sensations.

Paired up with a smokey see-through black H&W Design tights, the results are insane.  It is even possible that you might go pour dirt all over your apartment wishing for Bianca to come and dust the place in that sexy outfit.

Feel the vibe yet?  View these shiny photos now on the Bianca’s

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