Apr 8, 2016

Lust in The Woods – Come find me!!


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Are you an horror/thriller movie fan? I certainly am. When I was a teenager, I used to stay up all night and watch every horror B movies that my local video store could possibly let me rent. The more choking and frightening the movie was, the most thrilled I felt. From world acclaimed classics to cheesy horror flicks, I have seen so many gore and slasher films that they somehow played tricks on my mind. Today, it’s easy for me to scare myself with my own vivid imagination. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not a whooss. In fact, I would qualify myself as a daredevil and fear to me can be an exciting source of motivation.

Now you’re going to ask me where I am going with this talk, right? Well you see, something uncommon happened to me while I was spending six weeks in Thailand. I was hoping islands every 3 or 4 days, hunting for the most amazing sceneries someone can only dream of for my photoshoots.  But paradise come with a price and that my friend translates to a beach plastered with tourists. My hotel was located almost right on the beach: gorgeous view but so littlecalm and peace.

Eager to find some peace, I looked on the web to see if the island had more to offer than the stretched of miles of golden sand and partygoers chugging beers all day long. I did find out that the other side of the island was more secluded as there were only two options to get there. The first and most popular option was to walk on the beach all the way around the island. A romantic one hour or so walk that could only be achieved at low tide but of course, which was not happening when I chose to explore the island. Too impatient to wait for the next day, I chose the second option consisted of cutting right through the island’s woods which was a 30 minutes of uncertain walk into bushy paths.

The day before these photos were taken, I went for a stroll alone to explore the path, second guessing myself at every turn. And of course, what had to inevitably happen, happened: I took a wrong turn. Instead of handing up on a sunny deserted gold beach, I’ve found myself surrounded by a spooky abandoned wood cabins resort. What must have been a populated resort in the past was now looking like a fascinating décor built for an horror movie.  Being there all by myself gave me chills to the bones but my curiosity all fired up, I began my strange visit. From cracked stairs, to rocking chairs to old dusty t.v and dirty mattresses on the floor, those cabins in the wood were both frightening and captivating. So much that the next day, I dragged Martin to share with him my exciting discovery. As I expected it, him too got fascinated by the location and just like that, we started shooting these photos you are about to see.  Dressed up casually with only my jeans short and cotton top, don’t I just look like a B-movie scream queen? But fear not my friend: only sexiness was unleashed that day  ;-)


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