Oct 15, 2015

Lover Confessions Pt.2 – A Curvaceous secret!!


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Like I was previously telling you in my “Lover Confessions, part 1” introduction, blue is a color for lingerie that I have been growing very fond of, and when I do get the chance to find a bra that fits my massive “FF” cup boobies, I don’t hesitate a second to get it.  Such is the case with this Persian-blue lace lingerie I got myself while shopping online.  One afternoon while I was in my hotel room, I put it on and paired it up with my black stockings with blue lace trim and navy blue pumps and initiated an elegant and slow progression striptease that had for mission to rush your blood all the way up to your head… and more!

Now the time has come to finish what I have started and end my sultry striptease with some jaw-dropping photos that will for sure turn you on. You see, for my Vampirella cosplay photo shoot in which I had to display a more toned physical shape , I had to devote more time and effort at the gym lifting ridiculously heavy weights while doing numerous series of squats, deadlifts and some more other painful exercises that made me cry sometimes. One of the  positives aspects of training this hard  is it  gave me a super round and firm bubble ass that I am very proud of. So after my Vampirella photo shoot was over, to prevent losing my shape, I just kept going on  lifting heavy stuff at the gym.

You might wonder why I am telling you this. Well because now that I am so much happier with my apple shape firm butt, all I wanna do is to show it to the world. Well, maybe not the world per se but definitely with you my fellow naughty fans.  And plus, many of you have emailed me and left me comments here and there on my social medias or web site asking me to post more  photos of my cute butt. Well guess what?!! Here they are and now revealing even more than the usual which I am positive will get you all fired up!

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