Nov 19, 2011

Love Boat – Cruising The High Tides of Lust!

 The perfect mix of curves, sunset and bikini grazing a white sand beach at sunset!

Bianca loves the tropics and the tropics surely agrees with her.  While in Jamaica and wearing a teasing French Riviera style bikini, Miss Beauchamp got the attention of a local who was kind enough to offer our appealing diva his old-fashioned style boat as a prop that led to this highly sensually intoxicating photo session.

Session so remarkable that it features in our top 5 bikini shoots of our sultry redhead vixen!  The mix of the orange sky and tanned golden skin of Bianca is pure bliss for the eyes and coupled to the dark blue lagoon and that colorful and textured old boat, the overall look of this session feels simply magical!

Give your eyes the magic treatment and view these amazing photos now!


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