May 11, 2016

Leopard Fox – Bianca gets Wild


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On my social medias, did you get the chance to follow my fun and crazy adventures that  I experienced while I spent 7 weeks in Asia? I hope you did ’cause I posted some really cool and bubbly candid pix that you don’t necessary see over here. I had a blast over there! From Japan, to the Philippines, to Bali in Indonesia, my journey was filled with heart warming sun, wonderful smiles and amazing cultural discoveries that I’ll be remembering for the rest of my humble life :-)

It all began at the end of February when I ran away from Montreal’s cold hearted winter.  While last year I chose to go to Thailand, this time, I chose to fly to Tokyo where it wasn’t necessary the warmest weather  but still much better than what I got here in my city. I had never been to Japan before and I truly didn’t know what to expect. I was thinking that maybe I would see a lot of women with hair dyed Manga style, but actually, I didn’t see any of that. To the contrary, I discovered a culture of  people that want  to blend in harmony with society. And if my wavy fiery red hair standed out from this ocean of straight black hair, not a single Japanese seemed to be bothered or cared by it. The lack of attention felt a little weird to me in the sense that I am not used to not get flirted with, and by not, I mean NOT AT ALL. But on the other hand, it was a nice break too.

Anyways, my main goal while visiting Japan was not flirting with the Japanese but attending business. I had heard about their Love Hotels, a type of establishment where Japanese meet and have sex, or even go there just to spend some nice quality time away from their responsibilities at home. You have to picture that Japan apartments are small not to say tiny. I  know this because I did rent one downtown Tokyo and the landlord told me it was pretty much the size of a typical Japanese apartment. The best way to describe it in a few words is that it was tiny as a shoe box. And if you think that sometimes they share that tiny space with many family members, it’s easy to see why Love Hotels can be the best option for them to get the intimacy they need.

I was in Japan to find Love Hotels with the most original rooms to shoot in.  My research online prio to the trip had me all excited, because so many photos showed rooms with insanely cool and original designs.  After long hours of scouting, I discovered that the craziest ones had all been renovated. Gone were the Spaceship rooms, Pink Misty rooms, Ocean rooms, and all the craziness you find online still.   But with perseverance and lot of Love Hotels shopping, we did find a few that stranded out most. This is how I got to shoot in this awesome suite you see here. I had packed with me a large luggage filled with kinky sexy latex and my  sultry leopard latex top, mini skirt and transparent thigh high stockings  made by my pals HW Design were the perfect outfit to match the mysterious vibe of the bedroom .  In the comfort of all that space, dressed up with my sexy little number, I certainly had a foxy sexy time of my own. The very first photo shoot I did while in Asia 2016. But fear not, many more has yet to come ;-)


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