Jul 27, 2011

LATEX CONFESSIONS – The voice of sexiness!

Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp visits a raunchy motel room… Intimate Moments guaranteed!

In some recent photo shoots from the Glamour lounge and the LatexLair, Miss Beauchamp used various motel rooms as sexy environments granting us with great decor and sensual moments.  This session is no different.  Shot in the same room as Teasing Momentum from the Glamour Lounge, our beloved kinky vixen gets her lust ON  pairing up  her Polymorphe lilac see-through blouse with a metallic purple bikini that is to die for!

During the course of the session, you can feel Bianca’s lascivious mood getting through the roof. Sizzling and enticing, Bianca proceeds to a traditional latex striptease.   The shoot is strong on Boobie shots, so big boobs lovers will have an eyeful in this session!   Shiny, sexy, and voluptuous…  this photoshoot has “classic” written all over it.

It is for you to discover all these latex delicacies on the LatexLair this august!



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