May 7, 2015

Jungle Dip – Exotic lagoon nakedness


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Fans that have been following me on my Facebook fanpage, Twitter and Instagram know by now that I have recently spent 6 amazing weeks in Asia, more precisely in Thailand. Winter has been awfully cold this year in Montreal,  the city where I live and when the weather reached down as low as -30C in January, I said to myself : “enough is enough!” . So I packed some sensual and kinky clothing and left the country of snow to get all cozy warmed up in the country of smiles and warmth.

In Thailand, I have discovered some of the most exotic and unique scenery of all the places I have seen in the world.  Fiji was quite extraordinary and New Zealand will always have a piece of my heart, but I can honestly say that by far Thailand was the most exciting trip I have ever done in my life and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could! And as you know, I don’t like traveling without shooting for my web site because I love sharing all the fun I get from my travelling experiences with you my fellow fans. And you will sure be in for a treat as during my six week vacation, I shot about 20 photo shoots in wonderful exotic scenery, and also inside those unique accommodations I found!  Now that I am back home, I  cannot wait any longer to show you the magic I did while in Thailand.

The Lagoon.
The very first photo shoot I did was shot at one of my most favorite locations found in Thailand which was called Railay Beach situated South East of the country. The lagoon itself was truly a little piece of paradise hidden in the jungle and to get there, I had to climb up and down many steep rocky hills that made many trekkers turn around and abandon their quest of finding this hidden gem.  But the Lara Croft in me is strong and always up for a good challenge and boy that was certainly a good one!  But the reward was an excellent one as I got this lagoon all for myself!  Well almost all for myself. Very few hikers got down to the lagoon at the same time as I did, and by the time the light was looking nice for the shoot, none of them remained leaving me all alone with the lagoon.  Dressed up with a choc value itsy bitsy leopard bikini that barely hide my humongous boobs and surrounded by all the wild beauty of Thailand, I lived a magical, exotic  and erotic time that I will never ever forget and so won’t you!

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