Sep 12, 2012

Jolie – Sexy Tomb Rubber Cosplay Action in Latex Catsuit


The sexy and bodacious Bianca Beauchamp is back in a new Tomb Rubber instalment… this time in latex CATSUIT!

Video game lovers, you surely remember the epic photo set Tomb Rubber where our sexy redhead paid her tribute to the voluptuous international phenomenon that is Lara Croft, and now it is time for the sequel!

Dressed up in a custom made rubber catsuit and holster (Polymorphe), a custom made tribute to Angeline Jolie’s catsuit in the action movie, our tempting amazon is kicking some serious sexy ass on the beaches of the exotic Fiji Islands at sunset. Get ready to be blown away and see a side of this iconic persona you may have never seen before! Crazy Hot!

See the complete set here.

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