Nov 4, 2016

High-Class Domina – Dominating rubber!


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Although I am not a professional dominatrix, when it comes to modeling, it is a role that I like to explore and endorse from time to time. And because some of you have requested in the past to see more of my dominant look, I thought I would oblige. Perhaps one day I will I have on hand a sexy submissive girl on whom to unleash my inner dominant brat (miss Bella French could perfectly  play that part wouldn’t you say?), but meanwhile, I am now sharing with you my idea of what a dominant Fashionnista looks like.

I was spending two weeks in Vienna to discuss some business deals with HW Design latex designer Harald Wilfer. One thing lead to another and one day, I found myself modeling at a new local fetish club called “No Limits”. The place was not even yet opened to the public as the bar was still in construction, yet, many rooms offered various possibilities for shootings, more precisely S&M vibe oriented type of photo shoots.

Harald was ecstatic to dress me up with HW Design’s latex clothes. And let me tell you that the choice of clothing wasn’t that easy to make since their workshop has a walk-in closet filled up with a wide variety of  sexy and unique latex outfits. But my eyes caught on this marbled smoky black latex empress body suit and once my choice is made, I don’t second guess myself.  Anyways, what is not to like with this  very elegant-dominatrix style leotard that once paired up with thigh high latex  stockings and black stilettos let out the  Fashionnista- dominatrix in me.  A high class domina set that will make you wish you become my submissive for the night :-p


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