Jun 2, 2016

Goo-Goo Rubber Doll – Oozing sensuality


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Modeling for world renown fetish photographer Peter Czernich always brings me joy because not only it’s pleasant for me to model for someone that I consider my friend, but I also trust that with his expertise and kinky mind, he will come up with fantastic photo shoot ideas.  And believe me when I say that once again, I was not disappointed when I did spend 3 days in Germany for fun & shooting for him!

What sexy scenario did he have in mind this time?  Something I never did before on a photo shoot: slime!  And lots of it too!!  Knowing I like to try new kinky things, he had previously  bought some boxes of J Lube powder that once mixed up with warm water, it makes LOTS of gooey slime. :-P Dressed up with my transparent  latex catsuit and hood, covered up with that slimy liquid, let me tell you that I felt transformed into  a sex rubberdoll, and that my pervy friend truly turned me on.  So much that I actually started ripping off my catsuit so I could feel that slime rubbing my huge boobs. And while my hands started squeezing firmly my breasts, soflty caressed my belly and reached down between my thighs, it got real steamy hot in the bathroom!

Wanna feel the heat too baby?? :-p


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