Apr 7, 2011

Flavor of the Day: Sweet Bianca topped with chocolate!

Bianca is teasing our sexual appetite.  The sensual meaning of “Food for Thought”

We all remember the splosh sensual phenomenon that what the photo-set Whipped Cherry Pop!  A boobalicous nymph covered with whipped cream and cherries.  In fact we loved it so much that our sexiest temptress decided to give us more, but this time, she is pouring dark chocolate syrup all over her curvaceous toned body.  Is it possible to stay indifferent to such beauty? We think not!

And now, the piece de resistance, there is no cloth or lingerie to describe in this set because, well, there is none!  An all nude, all tasty piece of Glamour perfection.  Shot on a black background, the tantalizing fit body of Bianca pops out like never before.  Despite all the messy look of chocolate dripping on all those sexy curves, this photo-set has incredibly classy look!

Let your sweet tooth win and gift your eyes with a little eye-candy this month on the Glamour Lounge!


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