Nov 1, 2011

PHOTOS: Firm Apple Butt Ready To Be Bitten!

Bianca’s insanely firm & sexy exposed butt, wrapped up in latex straps!

Butt lovers, moisturize your eyes before starting your viewing of this amazing session, for you won’t want to blink during the entire set!  Another great dress from Miss Beauchamp’s new crush & discovery latex designer Westward Bound, this back buckles purple mini dress effervesce of classy sensuality with a dash of spiciness.

The duality of the dress matches perfectly our favorite vixen.  Classy & Glamorous in the front but naughty and kinky in the back.  November sure starts on a high roll, and if you have seen the covers for this month on, this month is really gonna be a fantastic latex ride!

Enjoy the 2 sides of Lady Beauchamp now on Bianca’s Latex Lair!



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