Jun 20, 2016

Explicit Offernings – More than tease!


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Through my modeling career, I have been filling up my giant walk-in closet with not only elaborated and complex latex outfits but also with lingerie, high heels, swimwear, hosiery, accessories & props.  The number of options that I have of mix & match is infinite.  Holding in my hands so many possibilities of photo shoots is most of the time exciting but also sometimes overwhelming. What if I can never shoot them all? What if I am not seeing the perfect combination of clothing that will blow your mind? What is I simply don’t see an option and miss the opportunity to create a fantastic photo shoot? What if….When those unanswered panicking questions want to settle in my heart, I know then that I am stressing too much and losing sight on what truly matters.

To my opinion, a sexy photo shoot doesn’t owe its success thanks to the most unusual location and eccentric outfit that can be. The true power resides in the talent of both the photographer and the model. And that is exactly what I want to share with you with this photo shoot. I have been dancing this dance for a long time my friend and I have mastered all the steps that can be done. Let me prove you right now with this photo shoot that a minimalist hotel room and I dressed up with only a pair of beige stay-up stockings and red heels can be as sexily effective than stripping off a gown in a ballroom.  After all, it’s my flirtatious curves, my mischievous smirk and my sultry eyes that will capture your heart. That and a little bit more of…explicit offerings….


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