Oct 8, 2015

Exotic Lure – Would you get Caught?


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It’s a known fact that in the world of photography, when it comes to using the sun as your main source of light, the best time of the day to shoot is at sunset or sunrise. Not only at those hours the model doesn’t risk to suffer from a heatstroke, but mainly because that golden light is soft on the skin and takes care of all the harsh shadows the afternoon sunshine creates.

I personally prefer modeling at sunset as I get all day long to prep for my photo shoots. Yet in some rare occasions, an early morning shoot is the solely viable option. The reason is that sometimes the beach gets overcrowded through the day and offers absolutely no intimacy making it just impossible for me to flash my sexy assets at sunset. Another reason is that sometimes, depending on the geo location of the beach on  the island, no spectacular sunset  can be seen, and the sunrise becomes the only alternative.

On Koh Phi Phi ilstand in Thailand, the beach was flooded from 9AM to 7PM with tourists caring mostly for drinking Leo beer and working on their suspiciously radioactive suntan! Yet, without that massive wave of people, the beach was absolutely gorgeous and certainly photoshoot material. So in this particular case, I did set up my alarm clock for 4AM for a nice 6 o’clock photo shoot…

When I strolled my way down to the beach, it was still dark all around me. But something that I have come to learn from my past  sunset modeling experiences is that the sunset doesn’t last very long and before you know it, the sun is already high in the sky and the harsh shadows are back. But now that I was early and all alone on the beach, I could take a moment to enjoy the peaceful melody of the sea while feeling the warm soft breeze on my skin. Slowly but surely, I witnessed the pitch black sky turning into a deep blue violet shade. The sun was barely pointing out of the horizon yet I could already tell that the blanket of clouds would prevent the sky to turn magenta. But that didn’t matter much to me as the scenery was already beyond magical. And the best part was I had it all for myself to enjoy.

One classic theme that I always do when I travel to sunny destination is the wet t-shirt theme and nope, this travel would be no exception. Only this time, instead of wearing a t-shirt and a pair of underwear, I dressed up with my white frills mini top and Bohemian skirt. Gracefully, I walked my way in the sea, feeling the surprisingly warm water caressing my thighs. The first rays of sunshine were kissing my face, while the breeze was whispering its romance in my ears. I then softly sank my body in the sea, my skirt floating around me like an angel’s wings. And when I came out of the water, all my top and skirt were tightly wrapped on me, sexily exposing all of my nudity. An exotic moment that will lure you to my classy world of eroticism.

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