Apr 1, 2014

Erotic Pulsations – Vibrant See-Through Rubber

bianca beauchamp photos

bianca beauchamp photos bianca beauchamp photos

Miss Bianca Beauchamp’s will fire you up with pulsating desires and here’S in her won word how she is gonna pull that off:

bianca beauchamp photos“I have recently traveled to New Zealand where I have modeled in magnificent but so deadly cold sceneries that I have promised myself to never ever complaint about the sizzling hot weather of Mexico when I pay a visit at Desire Resort, where walking around in your Eve costume is more than allowed, it is encouraged! I admit it’s always a lot of fun to sunbathe and swim in the ocean completely nude.

But, the brat in me often makes me want to defy the rules and so, at Desire, what I love to do most is to flaunt my nudity but through some kinky latex outfits. That is why I always pack see-through latex outfits every time that I go and for this sensual photo shoot, I chose to go with my transparent lilac catsuit that is made with such ultra thin latex it does feel I am naked. Well almost since latex get burning  in hot weather like it is in Mexico reminding me that I was not naked at all. But I love to push the limits to the extreme so why not wearing latex in a 40C degrees?

And when the heat got just a little too unbearable, all I had to do is to push down my catsuit from the neck to the belly and release my humongous puppies that look even bigger in my tiny gloved hands.  And erotic explosion that will  increase your heart pulsations

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