Aug 13, 2011

Erotic Confinement – The Burst of Latex Kinkiness!

Lubed latex Bianca Beauchamp is having sexy fun in her shiny cocoon … Arousing sensations incoming!

Catsuits are always a classic and this one is fantastic.  Another great product from London based latex designer Westward Bound, there is a very sexy science-fiction vibe about it.  Worn with 8″ high heels platform shoes, fully lubed for a maximum of shininess, Miss Beauchamp shiny cocoon does its magic again.

The confining element of the boxed shiny cocoon added to the mischievous personality of our favorite vixen is pure delight to the eyes.  Everything is shiny, curvy, sexy and highly erotic.   Pure latex delight for the catsuit lovers.

Give yourselves a treat and view all this kinkiness now on the



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