Jul 8, 2011

ENTITY of LUST – Mystical Beauty at Sunset

Miss Beauchamp puts on a delightful little bikini in the sole purpose of removing it at sunset! Woot!

Shot at the now well-known open-minded resort Hedonism II, Bianca wanted to start the last shoot of that day clothed.  I said “start” because as we know it, our sultry vixen loves to be nude in public and after all, it is the purpose of that resort.  So like the naughty girl that she is, she chose for us her new classy purple and white bikini.  Tuning herself to the vibration of the sun, she teases us with her bodacious curves and fiery attitude up until the sun kisses the ocean.

At this perfect moment, our sexy lady loses herself completely in the moment and goes all out, giving this photo-shoot a unique look of mystery and purity.  The combination of this pure nudity with the sky fluctuating from orange to light pink to deep blue makes this photo session a pure delight!

Embrace this sensual moment now and enter Bianca Beauchamp’s Glamour Lounge!



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