Sep 21, 2015

DRESS-UP GAMES pt.3 – Three Outfits, Three Striptease!!


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bianca_beauchamp_photos_09Are you ready my naughty friend to see more playful sexiness of my dress-up games? This is your last chance to see me dressing up with not only 1 or 2 outfits in the same shoot, but 3! And for this final set, I chose to concentrate solely on swimsuits sharing with you how flirtatious I look dressed up with them while teasing you when laying on my clear fetish waterbed. That’s right my love, swimsuits do not only look good at the beach: for the very first time, I am modeling swimsuits at my home.

For this final selection, I have picked 3 different swimwear. The first one is a pink one-piece swimsuit that I bought years ago and modeled it for my “Luscious Beach Babe”  photo shoot  as a blonde (look it up in my Glam galleries!) on a Cuban beach. I always loved that swimsuit as it’s uniquely sexy when you see that the front zipper is functional  and therefore allows me to flaunt out my big boobies. With a respectful “DD” cup size, they were already big back then, but now my friend, with a “FF” cup size, my boobs are bigger & sexier than ever in this super sexy swimsuit! It’s  rare that I model twice the same glam outfit, but this beautiful swimwear had never seen my trademark red hair, nor anything else but the beach, and I thought it could be nice to share this beautiful piece with you one more time.

The second outfit is actually a white bikini that I also bought some years ago. I have packed it in my luggage  many times before when traveling  to sunny destinations but somehow, every time I ended up doing a white & wet theme photo shoot, or simply lacked time to shoot it. Perhaps, the beach is not what I needed to make it stand out like it should. And when looking at the photos and I see myself laying on my clear waterbed lit up with blue LEDs, I find that I made the right choice. It almost looks like I am floating in the sea, wouldn’t you agree? And by the way, the full brief bottom of this bikini was altered to become a Brazilian bottom, exposing all of my now perfectly round and firm butt. You like?

And finally, the last bikini is an orange classic brief bottom bikini that I have been wearing at pool parties and even at open-minded resort Desire in Mexico. I worn it at least a dozen times but go figure, it’s only now that I thought of modeling it for you. I really like its girl next door look and I find this color suits perfectly my honey skin.

So what do you think? Does wearing swimsuits at home work, or should it be only worn at a pool or the beach? I say “hell yeah it works!”  Still leave me your thoughts  in the comments box of this photo shoot. I am curious to know your thoughts on this matter :-)

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