May 19, 2015

Dress-Up Games Part 2 – Triple the hotness


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I got many great feedbacks about my “Dress-Up Games” photo shoot therefore, I didn’t want to have you wait any longer to show you part 2. The concept is very simple but highly effective: me dressing up with various  exciting and sensual lingerie paired up with pumps and high heels, and then giving you a private sexy fashion show that will just make you crave to see more and more. I got this photo shoot idea when I was actually cleaning up my kinky closet and trying on outfits for hours. When looking at my reflection in the mirror and enjoying my look, I thought this could be a fun and sexy photo shoot to do for you. And I have absolutely no doubts that you too enjoy watching me wear several outfits just for your pervy eyes, all in one single set.

The real question is: which outfit will be your best pick?! I am curious to know so why not leave me a comment in the photo shoot comment box? But just so you know, there will be a part 3 coming up soon, so if you must choose now, choose wisely :-)

See the complete set here.

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