Aug 5, 2016

Dollicous – Finger lickin’ good!


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My traveling in Thailand in early 2015 got me so hooked on Asia that again in early 2016, I chose to escape the harsh Canadian winter to discover more awesomeness from this breath-taking continent. Because this time my countries of predilection were Indonesia, more precisely Bali, and the Philippines, all the flight companies wanted to make me take the West route, flying me all over Canada. This is how I got the idea to make a quick 12 days stop in Japan where I had never ever been before, and cut the jet lag in half.

From my previous readings and searches on this country, I had a feeling that I would totally be lost in translation over there and I sure was! With its talking toilets, its Metro worthy of a labyrinth, a no-go on English language and a lack of fruits & veggies at both restaurants and food markets that was clearly an invitation for the scurvy to rule again, my first immersion in Japan was kind of rough. But once passed that, I noticed all the fun stuff of spending 2 weeks in Tokyo and Osaka cities.

Sure those were two business cities but I have never seen cities as clean as these two. So neat and impeccable from the streets, to the cars, to even how Japanese dressed up that it made me realized how much Montreal needs a makeover in the cleanup area. Because of the language barrier, I could not communicate very well with the Japs but every time I needed help, they were more than happy to do so. Very polite and helpful they are indeed. And how fun  was  it to not only discover Karaoke microphones but also vibrator wands in every single hotel room I stayed at?!!  Sure, they might say it’s to give yourself a back rubbing massage while signing on your favorite local song, but truth is that Japanese love renting hotel rooms so they can get some privacy a couple of hours away from home where ALL their families live with them. With the porn playing also on another channel of the t.v, I suspect those vibrator wands were actually used on other parts of the body than the back ;-)

The only down side about these sex hotels actually called “Love Hotels” is that they don’t always welcome foreigners, especially in Tokyo. Many times I have been turned away which was pretty frustrating and disappointing as I knew from my readings that these hotels had a lot to offer as not only potential locations to shoot but also on kinkiness & raunchiness for me to enjoy. After all, I am not only a model. I am a sexual girl with many fantasies baby!

Lucky me, a few hotels bended their strict anti-foreigners rule for me and I could at last spend my afternoon in one of those Love Hotels. In this case, I selected this girly pink room as I knew it would be a perfect match for my transparent lilac latex blouse, frills mini skirt, gloves & tights. And plus, there was porn, karaoke, a vibrator wand AND a functional slot machine in my bedroom. What is not to like?? Sexy girly fun  just like I imagined Japan could be. Wanna have fun with me?!


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